Creek Side Pub is a Must-Visit Summer Hangout

By Ettie Berneking I Photos By Jessica Spencer
Featured in the July issue of FEAST Magazine


There’s nothing swanky about Creek Side Pub in Springfield, Missouri, and that’s part of its charm. The crowds don’t come for dazzling décor or service; they come for two reasons: to enjoy the laid-back atmosphere and to chow down on homemade chips and guacamole.

Situated along the banks of Galloway Creek, the tiny bar and bistro draws large crowds that often spill out of its doors. The spot is a popular summer hangout, as it’s tucked away in the woods with a bike path winding by out front and a creek bubbling in back.

Limited staff, not to mention limited seating, is why owner Bear Gannaway has kept the menu so small. There are just four items to choose from: the much-lauded chicken salad sandwich served on a flaky croissant, a ham and cheese croissant, the Anti-Vegan Delight (a combination of mushrooms, avocado, tomatoes and cucumbers packed between – you guessed it – a buttery croissant) and the chips with guac or salsa.

Chips are made to order and are nothing more than flour tortillas that Gannaway cuts up and fries. They’re simple and delicious, crispy but still chewy, and they serve as the perfect vehicle for dollops of fresh guacamole.

With live music on the occasional Thursday night and every Friday and Saturday night, the bistro quickly fills up, but the back patio is a big draw during the day (Gannaway opens shop at 3pm).

Snag a seat at one of the faded pink picnic tables or on mismatched patio furniture to enjoy the food and drink, and then try your luck tossing rocks from the bank into the metal Miller Lite bucket that hangs over the creek. It’s also common to find sunbathers lounging along the banks with their feet cooling off in the water.

Creek Side Pub, 3830-C S. Lone Pine Ave., Springfield, Missouri, 417.893.8131,