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Where we're Dining: Eagle Drive-In

By Ettie Berneking I Photos By Mark Neuenschwander
Featured in the October issue of FEAST Magazine

When it comes to raising greasy diner grub to the level of haute cuisine, few do so better than Jason Miller at The Eagle Drive-In in Joplin, Missouri. Standing outside of this small old-school drive-in, you wouldn’t think it anything special, but inside, the menu is sure to impress. Instead of floppy griddle burgers, Miller dishes out calamari, Boulevard Brewing Co. wheat beer mussels, a rich oven-roasted bone marrow dish and a lineup of burgers made from elk, lamb, oysters and even alligator.

Since opening the restaurant in 2011 with wife Suzanne, Miller has connected his art school background with his love of food and has garnered a dedicated group of fans that regularly fill The Eagle’s limited booth seating. Despite the casual, playful eats on offer, you won’t find plastic plates and paper napkins here – it’s china and cloth napkins all the way. And with a menu that’s more hit than zip, don’t expect a rush order; you’ll probably be here for a while, but everything on this menu is worth the wait.

The Eagle Drive-In, 4224 S. Main St., Joplin, Missouri, 417.623.2228